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Our Valued Media Partners

Great consumer shows don’t happen overnight, or in a bubble. Berg Productions partners with the very best media partners to deliver the right demographic to our exhibitors. At Berg Productions, we don’t dabble in this or that, to see what works. We exclusively focus 100% of our ad dollars with a massive media buy with proven media partners that have helped us create successful, well attended, and profitable shows for our vendors.

In a world of media fragmentation, our shows are the one place you can meet face to face with tens of thousands of planners and buyers. The reason homeowners flock to the show, many three times a year, is because we always commit to a seven country wide media buy, including TV, Radio, Print, billboards and millions of gross impressions in digital ads.

We are pleased to refer our media partners who can help your business create powerful ads to maximize your sales results around the show, as well as throughout the whole year.

Berg Productions has partnered with KEZI-9 for success since 1983. Airing a two week schedule on ABC for each of our events creates unparalleled top of mind awareness with our attendees. This strategy delivers tens of thousands of homeowners to our exhibitors each and every home and garden show. We also maintain an online presence for all our events on

KEZI-9 has a strong team in sales, creative, and promotions that work together in support of events. Their management is committed to local advertisers and building a healthy local economy. We appreciate the depth of KEZI-9 news coverage of our events, as well as all year long coverage.

A show-week television campaign can drive traffic to your exhibit. Creative services at KEZI-9 can write, film, and produce effective television commercials for reasonable fees.Television flights can be scheduled and targeted to your desired demographic with a tailored message. Please contact our Account Representative Dalen Corbett at 541-485-5611.

McKenzie River Broadcasting


Simply put, McKenzie River Broadcasting makes a perfect radio sponsor! They have top rated radio stations, are locally owned, and have a team focused on our success. Their three stations provide us with great reach and frequency with the right demographic. Their local celebrities do a “bang up” job generating opening night excitement while broadcasting live from the opening of each show.  Please contact our Account Executive Tracy Chapman at 541-484-9400.

Comcast SpotlightTelevision is one of the most compelling forms of advertising to promote our events. That’s why we also invest in a massive campaign on Comcast Cable/Effectv with an extended buy into Albany and Corvallis. Each year we add new media to our buys including video everywhere on demand.  We buy everything to assure the frequency with the homeowners attending our shows. We also select all the “must see” prime programing and sporting events to deliver the right audience. Please contact our Account Executive Greg Kirkham at 541-225-2510.

Outdoor Billboards were a mainstay of our marketing mix in the early years.  We have recently returned to outdoor billboards in a big way.  In a time of media fragmentation we know our billboards keep our shows top of mind no matter how homeowners consume media.  Our current 18 billboards are all Outfront Media boards.   Contact Account Exec is Jack Buchanan at 541-968-8850.

BIGHOUSE Marketing reigns all things digital!  They place all our digital and social media buys for all three shows with a results-driven digital marketing strategy to reach the right homeowners in Lane County.  They have a combined 75+ years of advertising experience and over 20 years of digital advertising experience.  Contact Account Executive Kathy Coldlesser at 260-385-1448.

Newprint continues to be a crucial part of our media mix to promote our events.  We believe local newspapers reach the right demographic and allows us to communicate more detail about the exhibitors, features, seminars and prizes offered at all three Berg home & garden shows.   In addition to our print ads, we also invest in the paper’s digital space to be sure the show is top of mind.  We are a firm believer in running at least two ads, if not eight ads for each and every show!  These are the names of the longstanding newspaper reps that service our account with excellence:

  • The Register-Guard ~ tba
  • Albany Democrat-Herald, Corvallis Gazette-Times, Lebanon Express ~ Jamie Jarmin ph. (541) 812-6081 office
  • Newport News-Times, South Lincoln & North Lincoln ~ Teresa Barnes ph. 541-265-8571
  • Eugene Weekly ~ Rob Weiss ph.  541-484-0519 ext. 202
  • Siuslaw News ~ Jenna Bartlett ph.  541-902-3524
  • Roseburg News-Review ~ Sheri Newell  ph. 541-229-4318
  • Cottage Grove Sentinel ~ Gary Manly ph. 541-942-3325
  • The Creswell Chronicle ~ Scott Olson ph. 541-895-2197

Hands down, nothing beats face to face marketing where customers walk up to your exhibit at our shows!   If you want more information on radio, digital, or social media ad placements please call our office and we can supply additional contract information and tips on making such media buys.

More Media Partners

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